Testing Rig for Applanation Tonometers

PT Series

  • The force sensor employed is an optical interferometric device.
  • To test a tonometer, the tonometer is driven up against this force sensor with an electromechanical drive.
  • Graphic presentation of tonometers‘ buckling-force characteristic curves over their full travels is possible.
  • Calibration using standard weights allows tracing its calibration back to national standards.
  • Certification by German calibration authorities has been granted.
Technical Data:

  • Measuring range:  0…10 g (100 mN)
  • Resolution: 1 mg (internally 0.1 mg)
  • Standard calibration error of  force sensor : < 0.5 mg
  • Test duration: ≤ 5 min

  • Conducting metrological accuracy checks on applanation tonometers in accordance with 11, section 3, MPBetreibV, both in the laboratory and on-site at remote locations
  • Testing tonometers for compliance with the EN ISO 8612 testing standard.
  • Quality control testing during tonometer manufacture.



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