Length Measurement Systems

Classical and simple interferometer with plane-mirror, ball or hollow reflector:

Single laser beam with the same optical path for the reflected measuring beam.


  • Best linearity
  • Measurement also through small windows
  • In case of using plane mirrors a lateral movement of the mirror or of the interferometer orthogonal to the measuring axis is possible.
  • In case of using ball or hollow reflectors with high tilting invariance the adjustment of the interferometer is very easy. The measuring distance is increased compared to the mirror reflector.

Applications: Calibration of length measuring instruments, Multiple coordinate, measurements, e. g. on planar tables,Eccentricity and concentricity measurements

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Highest-stable differential interferometer with plane mirror and cat-eye reflector:

Laser interferometer with minimum 2 beams – The path length difference of the beams detects the length.


  • Differential measurement minimizes environmental effects.

Applications: Measurements with highest demands on stability, so for long-term measurements

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