Length and Angle Measurement Systems

Double-Beam Interferometer:

Two parallel measuring beams are used to acquire two length values independently of each other. So it is possible to determine the position, angle and difference values simultaneously.

Benefits:Double Beam Interferometer

  • Simultaneous length and angle measurement or differential measurement
  • Beam distance selectable
  • Combinable with plane mirror, cat-eye or hollow reflector

Applications: Simultaneous length and angle measurement, e. g. for verification of linear guides.

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Triple-Beam Interferometer (3DOF):

Three laser interferometer included in one unit detect three different length values independently. So it is possible to measure the position and two angles or difference values simultaneously.

Triple Beam InterferometerBenefits:

  • Simultaneous measurement of length, pitch and yaw angle
  • Straightness measurement on guides and axes with angle test procedure acc. DIN ISO 230-1 in only one step (without any modification)
  • Calibration software for displaying the results
  • Correction of measurement errors according Abbe offset possible
  • Detection of the tilt center position

Applications: Simultaneous measurement of lengths and angles, e. g. survey of axes

for measurement tasks up to 5 m

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for measurement tasks up to minimum 15 m

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Calibration Laser Interferometer (5 DOF):

The triple beam interferometer for large measuring ranges (up to 15 m and more) includes an additional straightness measurement based on the combination of a Wollaston prism and a straightness reflector. Measurements of 5 degrees of freedom are possible.

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