Vibrometer with Fixed Focal Length

Sensor head LSV 120 NG

Laserinterferometric Vibrometer LSV 120 NG

SP-S Series

  • Highly precise, noncontact vibration and length measurements
  • Easy adjustment and handling
  • Extensive trigger options
  • FFT software for spectral analysis
Technical Data:

  • Working distance from sensor head (fixed distance): 30…70, 240, 480 mm
  • Measurement range (depending on surface):
    ≤ ± 20 mm
  • Measurable frequency range: 0…5 MHz

  • Noncontact measurement of the vibration of surfaces with any degree of roughness
  • Determination of the vibration spectrum
  • Determination of modes of vibration by spot scanning on the surface (hardware expansion required)
  • Determination of the resonant frequencies of micro-objects and macroscopic components
  • Multi-coordinate measurements with multiple systems
  • Highly precise length measurements


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