Calibration Systems

Single-beam high-precision Laser Interferometer
SP-NG Series

Spatial diagonal measurement for squareness correction

Single laser beam with the same optical path for the reflected measuring beam.


  • Best linearity
  • Measurement also through small windows
  • High tilting invariance and easy adjustment

Applications: Calibration of machine tools and length measuring instruments, multiple coordinate measurements, e.g. on planar tables, precision length measurements

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5 DOF Calibration Laser Interferometer
SP 15000 C5

Compact measurement on a high-precision machine tool

  • Synchronous, continuous 5 DOF measurement of length, pitch, yaw and straightness
  • Horizontal and vertical straightness component measurable by pivoted optics
  • Calibration software according to the currently valid standards
  • Easy handling and adjustment through integrated beam direction detection
  • Beam deflection with an optionally available, adjustable deflection mirror

Applications: Alignment, acceptance and calibration of axes on measuring and machine tools and coordinate measuring machines, high-precision simultaneous length and angle measurement

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