You missed one of our live webinars? No problem – in our webinar archive you will find recordings of past lectures, seminars and presentations on the subject of precise measurement technology. After a free registration, you will receive both theoretical and practical knowledge about interferometry, nanometrology, calibration and much more, independent of location and time.

Our experts impart basic interferometric knowledge, inform about the SIOS product range, demonstrate the appropriate software solutions, present achievable measurement results and show various application examples from industry and science.

Optical vibration measurement from nanometer to picometer

Detect the movement of objects to be measured in a wide frequency range and sub-nanometer resolution

Webinar: Optical Vibration Measurement with SIOS Vibrometers / Photo: I Viewfinder – stock.adobe.com


Laser interferometric vibrometers are the first choice for all applications where accurate and non-contact measurement of object motion is required. Due to the non-contact mode of operation, they offer the possibilities of fast analysis of the objects at different positions without any mechanical influence from the sensor.

In our webinar you will gain insight into the theory and practice of vibrometry. Among other things, our expert Wolfram Meyer will introduce you to the possibilities of using laser interferometric measurement methods to analyze object vibrations, for example, to optimize product properties or to get to the bottom of vibration phenomena in the scientific field.

The following topics will be presented in our webinar:

  • technical concepts of homodyne laser interferometric vibrometry
  • setup of the vibration measuring station for vibrometers
  • optimization of the signal-to-noise ratio
  • application examples from industry and science
  • Presentation of vibration measurement software as well as variants of data output and measured value synchronization
  • suitable hardware and software interfaces

Our speaker will be pleased to answer your questions after the presentation.

Following the presentation, numerous questions will be answered.

Speaker: Wolfram Meyer, Vertriebsingenieur, SIOS
Language: Englisch
Recording from: November 30, 2021
Time: 53 min

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How to measure the invisible with the most accurate SIOS measurement system?

Nanopositioning and Nanomeasuring Machine NMM-1: 3D multisensor positioning and measurement system of the highest accuracy.

In the Nanometrology Webinar you will learn how to measure precisely down to the nanometer range with the most accurate measurement systems from SIOS. 
Our experts Dr. Denis Dontsov and Enrico Langlotz will provide information on the following key topics:

  • ultra-stable high-resolution laser interferometers
  • the basics of nanopositioning
  • application of nanomess and nanopositioning machines

At the end of the webinar Enrico Langlotz and Peter Grundschok will answer the numerous questions of the participants.

Speakers: Dr. Denis Dontsov, Managing Director SIOS / Enrico Langlotz, R & D / Project Management / Peter Grundschok, Sales Manager
Language: English
Recording from: September 30, 2021
Time: 60 min

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Calibration of positioning axes, CMMs and machine tools

Get insights and information on the theory and practice of calibration.

SP 15000 C5 laser interferometer for high-precision simultaneous measurement and calibration of length, pitch angle, yaw angle and straightness on positioning axes

In the theoretical part, learn more about:

  • Geometric deviations on machine axes and their designations
  • types of geometric error compensation
  • the process of calibration via compensation to verification 
  • the acceptance tests 
  • necessary hardware and software

and in the practical part:

  • how easy it is to handle and adjust a measuring system on the line 
  • how to perform precise calibration of linear axes
  • how to quickly and reliably perform acceptance measurements with a compact laser interferometer
  • how several degrees of freedom can be measured simultaneously with a multibeam interferometer and used for verification and correction  

Speaker: Wolfram Meyer, Sales Engineer, SIOS
Language: Englisch
Recording from: May 06, 2021
Time: 50 min

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High precision length measurement


Triple-beam laser interferometer for simultaneous and precise length, pitch and yaw angle measurements

You would like to know: 

  • Which interferometric measurement system is suitable for which measurement task?
  • Which factors have an influence on measurement uncertainties? 
  • How to realize an Abbe error-free measurement setup? 
  • What to consider when designing an optimal measurement setup or 
  • How to measure other degrees of freedom such as pitch and yaw angles and straightness synchronously with length?

Our experts Peter Grundschok and Wolfram Meyer get to the bottom of these and other questions in the webinar “High-precision length measurement”.

Speakers: Wolfram Meyer, Sales Engineer und Peter Grundschok, Sales Manager
Language: English
Recording from: November 24, 2020
Time: 43 min

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