Exhibition Highlight 2015


5 DOF-Measurement of Length, Yaw and Pitch Angle as well as Straightness:

The new calibration interferometer SP 15000 C5 with a length measuring range of at least 15 meters is designed for high accuracy linear, angular and straightness calibrations on positioning axes. Thus, synchronous and continuous 5 DOF (5 degrees of freedom) measurements are possible, with horizontal and vertical straightness components can be measured by a pivotable optics. Using a 90 ° beam deflection vertical axes can be measured too.
The angular resolution is 0.01 arcsec on a pitch and yaw angular range of ± 5° while the length resolution is 0,1nm. Straightness measurements are possible over a range of ± 4 mm with a resolution of 10 nm in an axial zone of 6.5 m.
The 5DOF calibration interferometer of SIOS Meßtechnik GmbH is easy to handle. The fibre coupled sensor head is quickly and accurately to adjust by an integrated beam direction detection module.
The calibration software is valid according to the current standards DIN ISO 230-1 and VDI / DGQ 3441. A correction module of various machine controllers is available. All measurement and calibration steps can be synchronized with a positioning-control unit. Extensive options for galvanically isolated triggering of the system enable the control of the measured value recording. The transmission of measured values will carried out via fast USB interface to a laptop or computer. More digital or analogue interface versions are available on request.
Applications of those calibration interferometers are simultaneous acquisition of five degrees of freedom on guides, rails and the calibration of high-precision axes, machine tools and coordinate measuring machines as well.
Easy handling and simultaneous multi degree of freedom measurement leading to significant time savings associated with improved metrological parameters compared to conventional methods. (see also Calibration Interferometer)

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