Five reasons why you should choose HeNeLaser from SIOS

As a dedicated developer, purchaser or person responsible for quality assurance, you know that: sometimes the standard product from the catalog fits, sometimes the requirements are so special that an individual solution is needed. In both cases, SIOS is the right partner for you.

As a worldwide known and appreciated manufacturer of laser interferometric measurement systems for measurements down to the nanometer range, we deliver highest quality for science and industry. In doing so, we know what matters. As the main component and light source for our interferometers, we rely on frequency-stabilized HeNe lasers with a wavelength of 632.8 nm. These are used as a natural, highly stable measuring standard and as a frequency standard. The stabilization technique offers high frequency and amplitude stability, low optical feedback and extremely rapid warm-up.

Optical assemblies and fiber optic coupling devices can be centrally coupled to the lasers via a screw-in thread.

Benefit from our excellent knowledge of laser technology and its use in high-precision metrology. Our experts develop individual frequency-stabilized OEM laser modules adapted to your requirements in close consultation with you.

We are happy to:

  • optimize the laser properties such as frequency stability, light output, thermal frequency drift, beam diameter and divergence as well as mode spacing and polarization for your needs,
  • adapt the installation criteria such as space requirements, power supply, connectivity or waste heat behavior to increase maintainability,
  • take measures against electric shock, touch protection, overcurrent resistance, but also against critical environmental influences such as dust ingress (encapsulation),
  • for fiber-coupled OEM modules: Type and length of fiber, connectors on input and beam exit side, possibly provide free fiber end.

Our frequency stabilized HeNe lasers are used as light sources in semiconductor industry, interferometry, spectroscopy and metrology.

Through direct communication with our laser specialists, we can guarantee a speedy design process. Thanks to our own capacities in electronics manufacturing for frequency-stabilized HeNe lasers, nothing stands in the way of the production of customer-specific OEM laser modules with a high degree of individualization. Effective processing and a lean company structure guarantee competitive costs.

Our service is rounded off by frequency recalibration of your lasers as well as laser tube exchange.

Reassuring that for special requirements there is a partner for individual solutions – SIOS Meßtechnik GmbH.

More information about our frequency-stabilized He-Ne lasers can be found here.

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