Tactile Length Measurement

With the aid of laser interferometric measuring sensors tactile high-precision length measurements are possible.

This is achieved by:

  • Abbe error-free measurement designs
  • Constant tactile force over the complete measurement range
  • High linearity over the complete measurement range

The main use of the laser interferometric gauging probes is the calibration of gauge-blocks, because very accurate difference measurements between the measurement standard and the measurement object are possible.  For this application the SIOS Meßtechnik Gmbh offers a complete gauge-block calibration system including gauge probe, portal and software.


The measurement stations for the characterizing of lenses and wafers have been developed by using two synchronous-working gauging probes (see figure).So thicknesses, contours and flatness can all be measured with high precision.

Another successful application of the gauging probe is a thickness measurement of thin substrates and foils.  For quality control the foils with a thickness of a few µm’s only could be measured.  In the field of viscosity for determination of adhesive layers the laser interferometric gauge probe can be applied using specific gauge shafts.

Additional information concerning Laser Interferometric Gauge Probes and Gauge Block Calibration Systems



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