Stabilized HeNe Laser

The stabilized SIOS HeNe Lasers are characterized by very high frequency and amplitude stability. They are available both as OEM components and as self-contained devices.
Optionally they can be provided as an assembly with a fiber coupling or with Faraday-isolators.
Another option is the measurement of the absolute frequency in comparison with an iodine-stabilized HeNe laser (certificate included).

The stabilized HeNe lasers are the „heart“ of our high-precision interferometers.

Fields of application are:

Lasers for high-resolution interference optical metrology:

  • Precision length measurement
  • Interferometers for surface and wave front measurement
  • Holographic measurement methods

Reference laser for frequency and wavelength:

  • Calibration of spectro- and wavemeters
  • Internal reference for spectro- and wavemeters

Laser for international frequency standards:

  • Realization of the unit of length
  • Frequency standard within the visible spectrum

The pictures show the installation of our laser sources at several customer sites and in a variety of applications.


Source: Möller-Wedel Optical


Source: HighFinesse GmbH

Additional information concerning Stabilized HeNe Lasers

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