Nano Measurement Technology

The main differences for the interferometer in nano measurement technology applications versus the usual length measurement are the specific requirements concerning stability and resolution in the nanometer range. Therefore the measurement environment and full assembly design which includes the interferometers have to meet these special requirements of stability, e. g. by air-conditioned rooms or chambers, vacuum chambers, vibration-damping installation or the elimination of interfering influences etc.

In principle all of our high-precision measurement systems can be used in the nano measurement technology.

Ultra-precise Nanopositioning and Nanomeasuring Machine NMM-1:


Micro lens array

The NNM-1 is a measuring machine for three-dimensional coordinate-measurement in a range of 25 mm x 25 mm x 5 mm with a resolution of 0.1 nm.
The high accuracy is possible due to the unique arrangement of three interferometers (X-, Y-, Z-direction) which provides Abbe error-free measurements in all three measurement axes.

This system is used in the examination of precision parts, e. g. of micro-lenses and membranes as well as for processing and measurement of microelectronic, micromechanical or optical objects.
The SIOS Nanopositioning and Nanomeasuring Machine is the most accurate commercial positioning and measuring machine in the world.

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High precision control of  positioning tables in closed loop operation:

Source: IMMS GmbH


The picture shows the design of an ultra-precise positioning table which is controlled by a laser interferometer using a closed-loop process.
The positioning table is made from Zerodur. Three electro-mechanical drives mounted with a frictionless air bearing enable a movement of the table in X-/Y-direction as well as in the direction of rotation. The zero position is defined by capacitive sensors.
The control system moves the positioning table into the required position. Both interferometers measure the new position including the rotation angle and transmit the feedback to the control system. The control system readjusts the position respectively. (Closed-Loop process)

Due to the high-stable design and the precise interferometric measurement a traversing range of 100 mm each (X- and Y-direction) and a mean servo error of 0.4 nm can be achieved.

Nano Vibration Analyzer:


The fiber-coupled laserinterferometric vibrometer is integrated in a precision technical microscope. It is excellently suitable for measurements of dynamic properties and static displacements of micro structures, MEMS and cantilevers.

Operation and display of results employs a PC running specially developed data analysis software. This software allows the frequency analysis of vibrations, the triggered data acquisition and a script-controlled scanning of surface structures.

Typical application fields are the measurement of vibrational amplitudes and the determining of resonance frequencies and vibrational modes of micro objects.

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