Calibration Interferometer

Laser interferometers are high-linear, metrological and traceable length measurement system.

They can be used for calibrating:

•    Lengths
•    Angles
•    Straightness

The easy-to-use fiber coupled SIOS concept

Only two components have to be arranged

•    Sensor head
•    Measuring reflector

The light of the HeNe laser is located within a processing unit and is guided to an interferometric sensor by an optical fiber. The signal analysis takes place in the processing unit.

Hence the interferometer is:

•    Compact
•    Easy to adjust
•    Has no source of heat within the sensor head

Calibration or measurement?Calibriersoftware2

Compared to a standard measurement device the interferometers for calibration require special software.

The SIOS calibration software allows for measurements and protocols according DIN ISO 230-1 und VDI/DGQ 3441.

Source: Melutec Metrology GmbH


The easy-to-use calibration interferometer

The calibration interferometer of the MI-K series for length calibration is small and robust and is successfully applied for calibration of precision guides, even in constricted space.

The picture shows an interferometer MI5000 K during the calibration of the length measurement machine. For this interferometer type a lot of options for facilitating an optimal orientation of the measurement system in respect to the axis of the machine are available. So the measurement error can be reduced appreciably.


5 DOF-Calibration interferometer

The system SP 15000C5 is a multiple beam interferometer which can measure the length, two angles and the straightness simultaneously. Due to the large length measurement range the device is suitable for calibrating from small to very large machine tools and coordinate measurement machines.

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