1st WORLD Interferometry DAY

We call together with the TU Ilmenau to
the 1st WORLD Interferometry DAY on April 14, 2021.

We would like to inspire as many people as possible around the world to participate in our day of action. The initiators Dr.-Ing. Denis Dontsov (Managing Director SIOS Meßtechnik GmbH) and Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Eberhard Manske (Head of Institute Process Measurement- and Sensor Technology) want to create more attention for developments and applications of interferometer technology.


World Interferometry Day

In April 1881, physicist Albert Abraham Michelson conducted the first experiments on the effect of the Earth’s motion through the ether with his now world-famous interferometer in a basement of the Astrophysical Observatory in Potsdam.

As simple as the principle of Michelson’s interferometer was, as ingenious was his invention. In the meantime, the interferometer, optimized by the use of lasers as a coherent light source, has begun a veritable triumphant march in science and technology and is thus practically synonymous with high-precision measurement technology.

The applications of interferometers range from nano and precision engineering to space exploration and the mysteries of gravitational waves. Today, laser interferometry enables a wide variety of electronic applications in a wide range of economic sectors. To manufacture the billions of transistors on chips, precision positioning tables of lithography equipment are regulated at breakneck speed with the help of interferometers. Automation systems for precision manufacturing in industry would be inconceivable without high-precision calibration and verification – performed with the help of laser interferometers. In general, modern industrial manufacturing now requires such precise machining processes that today we speak of ultra-precision machining or high-end precision manufacturing.

The principle of the Michelson interferometer still forms the basis for the laser interferometric measuring systems developed and manufactured by SIOS Meßtechnik GmbH, ranging from ultra-stable multibeam laser interferometers for high-end applications to the world’s most precise nanopositioning and nanometre measuring machine for measurements in the nanometre range.

These measurement systems are used in both science and industry to measure length, angle, vibration, straightness, mass, force and other measurands with highest resolution and low measurement uncertainty.

On WORLD Interferometry DAY we would like to invite national and international experts as well as scientifically interested stakeholders to participate with lectures, video presentations, with tests and experiments, workshops and discussion forums or simply with great photographic images.

This year, due to Corona restrictions, most of the event will take place online. Detailed information and a registration form for planned activities can be found at www.world-interferometry-day.com.

P.S. We would be happy if you share WORLD Interferometry DAY in your social network under the hashtag #WorldInterferometryDay to get as many people around the world as possible involved in our participation action on the topic of interference.

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