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The ultra-stable SP-DI laser interferometers can be used both for long-term measurements in research and development, e.g. for material analyses, and in compact design (SP-DI/F) as feedback sensors for positioning systems in industrial environments. They are characterized by a unique thermal stability of less than 10 nm/K.

Kalibrier-Laserinterferometer SP 15000 C5The SP 15000 C5 calibration laser interferometer was developed to meet the requirements of machine and equipment manufacturers. Length, angle and straightness can be measured simultaneously with high accuracy. Due to the compact straightness option, the setup and adjustment of the measuring systems is very easy and quick, even in confined spaces. Straightness can be measured over a length of 6.5 meters.

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Why do high-definition displays and ultra-stable measuring technology  form the perfect match. Today’s technological developments follow a common trend in many industrial sectors: products are becoming more complex, more powerful and larger, with components and object structures becoming smaller and more compact. This statement also applies to display manufacturing technology…

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Five reasons why you should choose HeNeLaser from SIOS

As a dedicated developer, purchaser or person responsible for quality assurance, you know that: sometimes the standard product from the catalog fits, sometimes the requirements are so special that an individual solution is needed. In both cases, SIOS is the right partner for you. As a worldwide known and appreciated…

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